Have You Tried The Serena Williams ‘Tennis-y Williams’ Cocktail?

As hostess with the mostest of the bawdy cult-hit, “You Deserve a Drink” on Youtube, Mamrie Hart has been entertaining viewers with her signature libations and raunchy puns since 2011. In this, her inaugural RAD (Random-Ass Drink) video, she pays tribute to Serena Williams with her custom cocktail, the ‘Serena Williams Tennis-y Williams’.

** Be forewarned, as there are quite a few choice words, along with some groan-inducing puns, too many Drake references, and not enough adorable Chihuahua cameos:

This concoction is made up of Hennessy cognac, Amaretto liqueur, almond milk, maraschino cherries and almond shavings. I made it myself, and people, it is DELISH!

Tons of puns and lots of fun, this video features a little bit of everything, from right-off-the-bat compliments that Serena is a badass, and “probably the best female athlete of all time, or our time” to bits of Serena trivia, with a whole lotta humor in between.

The Serena Williams Tennis-y Williams

Serves: 2    |    Active time: 5 minutes     |    Total time: 5 minutes


3 oz. Hennessy Cognac
3 oz. Amaretto Liqueur
6 oz. Almond milk
Maraschino cherries
Dry roasted almonds, grated


1. Add the Hennessy, Amaretto, and almond milk to an ice-filled shaker, and as Mamrie Hart says, “Shake the shit out of it!”
2. Pour into 2 ice-filled glasses and garnish with Maraschino cherries and grated almonds.
3. Enjoy!

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