Chris Evert On Disguising Your Backhand Drop Shot (Video)

There’s more to the backhand drop shot than just technique… Just ask Chris Evert! And if you can disguise it, your baseline-hugging opponent won’t know it’s coming until it’s too late! Court positioning and the point of contact with the ball are two of the most important components of pulling off this shot. A well-played drop […]

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Chris Evert Explains The Slice Serve [VIDEO]

The slice serve is a lovely “manipulative” shot that can add variety to your serve repertoire. I love using it to move my opponents out wide when serving to the duece court. And it’s fun to surprise them every now again with a slice serve down the T of the ad court. Either way, it’s a more […]

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Chris Evert Reveals Her Signature Collection Of Tennis And Activewear – Chrissie By Tail

I know that lately, I’ve been complaining about how fashion designers have no business designing women’s tennis wear. They have no idea how to combine fashion with on-court functionality because they don’t play the game. I mean, why can’t someone get a fashion savvy tennis player involved?! And then yesterday, as I was busy at […]

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